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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Review


The Lord of the Rings: Gollum reviewed by Justin Koreis on PC, also available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. Why, of all the interesting characters in The Lord of the Rings lore, would anyone want to play an entire game as Gollum? Why would one trade the solid action of prior games in this universe, like Shadow of Mordor, for busywork, uninspired and frustrating platforming, and bad stealth? It’s not clear who this is for, or what it was intended to achieve. What is clear is that it’s not fun to play, and not something to recommend to any but the most curious and dedicated Lord of the Rings fan. #IGN #Gaming #Gollum

Fast X Review


Fast X reviewed by Tom Jorgensen. Video edited by Tristan Oglivie. Opens in theaters on May 19, 2023. Fast X is the beginning of the end, but the race to the end of that beginning is a bumpy ride, saved nearly single-handedly by Jason Momoa’s bonkers performance as Dante Reyes, which deserves instant canonization on the Mt. Rushmore of Fast & Furious villains. There’s still time for the Fast franchise to cross the finish line in first, but this flat tire of a “part one” will make the last lap a nailbiter. #IGN #Movies #FastX

Resident Evil 4| IGN Review


O remake de Resident Evil 4 finalmente chegou! E como será que ele ficou? Bora conferir! #residentevil4 #residentevil4remake #leonkennedy #re4remake #playstation #xbox #ignbrasil #ignreview ACOMPANHE O IGN BRASIL! Inscreva se no canal: 🤍 Site: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Review


Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny reviewed by Siddhant Adlakha. Opens in theaters on June 30, 2023. By yanking Indiana Jones out of retirement yet again, for a fifth (and hopefully final) movie, Disney proves that some things should be allowed to end. Or, at the very least, it proves that a franchise resurrection should spend at least some of its 154 minutes doing something other than trying desperately to justify its own existence. Earnest final efforts from Harison Ford and John Williams couldn’t rescue a movie so directionless and haphazard, or action that fails to recapture the swashbuckling joys of the originals. By asking why Indy is on this adventure in the first place, and what the character gains on the other side of it, Dial of Destiny concocts paradoxical answers that fail to meet in the middle. It’s a film about letting go of the past and moving forward, but one that refuses to do the same. #IGN #Movies

Worst IGN Reviews Ever


This is the greatest game reviewing of All Time Merch 🤍 I stream every day 🤍 Original video 🤍

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Review


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom reviewed by Tom Marks on Nintendo Switch. This is an unfathomable sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, somehow improving upon it in nearly every way – be that with simple quality-of-life improvements, a genuinely exciting story, or wildly creative new building mechanics that make you rethink what is possible. It both revamps old ground and introduces vast new areas with an alarming number of tasks to complete, mysteries to discover, and delightful distractions to keep you from ever reaching that place you naively thought you were headed. Nintendo has followed up a triumph with a triumph, expanding and evolving a world that already felt full beyond expectation and raising the bar ever higher into the clouds. #IGN #LegendOfZelda

IGN Re-Reviews Sonic Unleashed in 2023!


How To Make Your Own AI Voice Content: 🤍 So IGN's original Sonic Unleashed (X360/PS3) review from 2008 is the most infamous Sonic review they've given in the community, but it seems times have changed as they've decided to re-review the game! (Yes, this was generated for an April Fools video) If you like this video, please leave a like and comment, and share this video, as it really does help a lot. Thanks for all your support! #TeamPremy Original Review: 🤍 Music: Sonic Unleashed - The World Adventure #sonic #sonicthehedgehog #sonicmeme #sonicmemes #sonicunleashed

The Little Mermaid Review


The Little Mermaid was reviewed by Alyssa Mora. In theaters May 26, 2023. Halle Bailey’s brilliantly vulnerable performance as Ariel is the star of the show in Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. Melissa McCarthy follows closely behind with a magnetic performance as Ursula. As a whole, however, this version sometimes struggles to keep itself above water. Its problems lie in lackluster underwater sequences, realistic sea creatures missing cartoonish charm, and additions to the story that are quaint but not necessarily memorable. What works best are the elements it takes from the original, highlighted best by a show-stopping rendition of Part of Your World. While this version doesn’t always find its sea legs, there’s enough of those original ideas recreated here that it can’t go too far wrong. #TheLittleMermaid



Zen hangs out with chat! More chatting with chat: 🤍 #VShojo #Vtuber #ENVtuber TWITTER: 🤍 TWITCH: 🤍 DISCORD : 🤍 Credits: Produced by ⯈ 🤍 Edited by ⯈ 🤍 Thumbnail by ⯈ 🤍 Outro music by ⯈ 🤍

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Review


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor reviewed by Dan Stapleton on PlayStation 5. Also available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. "Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes what Fallen Order did and wall-runs with it, then double-jumps and air-dashes straight into an epic lightsaber battle. Rather than taking us back to square one to begin Cal’s journey as a Padawan again, we’re trusted with control of a full-fledged Jedi Knight who we can grow into a master of superhuman mobility and fantastic and challenging combat. With a new set of larger, more diverse, and densely packed worlds to explore and a memorable cast of returning characters, Survivor tells a story that may be predictable at times but is still fun and emotional to watch play out. Launch performance issues aside, it’s a sequel that does virtually everything better than the original – which was already an exceptional Star Wars game. If Respawn makes one more like this it’ll be the best Star Wars trilogy in 30 years, hands down."

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 | Gameplay Reveal


The Great Hunt Begins. We're thrilled to reveal the first-ever gameplay of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, coming fall 2023 on PlayStation 5! ► Watch Marvel on Disney+: 🤍 ► Subscribe to Marvel on YouTube: 🤍 Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪🤍 Like Marvel on Facebook: ‪🤍 Watch Marvel on Twitch: 🤍 Reward your Marvel fandom by joining Marvel Insider! Earn points, then redeem for awesome rewards. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more at 🤍 For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: ‪🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: ‪🤍 Reddit: 🤍

Every IGN 10 of 2022


What did IGN give a 10 this year? 2022 has given us plenty of phenomenal games, movies, TV, and tech to enjoy. So many, in fact, that IGN gave out a whopping 15 10-out-of-10 review scores. Here’s everything we deemed worthy of being called a masterpiece this year. #IGN #Gaming #Games

The Top 10 Most Disliked IGN Reviews of All Time!


Hold on to your butts! The Tominator took it upon himself to explore the IGN video review catacombs and exhume their most disliked video reviews ever! Music Sonic Advance - Casino Paradise Zone Donkey Kong Country main theme Katamari - Que Sara Sara Banjo-Kazooie - Spiral Mountain Metal Gear Solid - Encounter Demon's Souls - Tower Knight ToeJam & Earl - ToeJam Jammin Viewtiful Joe - Some Like it Red Hot Professor Layton And the Curious Village - The Curious Village Halo - Honest Negotiation Suite Uncharted 2 - Nate's Theme

Humanity Review


Humanity reviewed by Gabriel Moss on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2. Also available on PS4, PSVR, and PC. Humanity is a beautiful, modern reimagining of Lemmings that feels as esoteric and artsy as Enhance’s previous games, while ambitiously stepping onto new terrain for the action puzzle genre with the pitter-patter of countless little feet. It somehow manages to intermingle platforming, action, and real-time strategy elements with mind-bending finesse, and its open-endedness means I could be sitting here and tinkering with it for years – much like I have with other games with great level creators like Dreams and Little Big Planet. Humanity bursts out of left field with something so unexpectedly brilliant that I can’t help but recommend it to everyone who’s ever enjoyed a puzzle game. #Humanity

IGN Caught FAKING Review For Resident Evil 2!


We all know that IGN is basically a joke but this story might be too good to pass up #RE2 #ResidentEvil

LEGO 2K Drive Review


LEGO 2K Drive reviewed by Luke Reilly on Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One, PlayStation, Switch, and PC. "One part The Crew 2, one part Mario Kart, and one thousand parts… LEGO parts, LEGO 2K Drive is a wild and whimsical all-ages kart racer that’s buried itself under my skin like the pointed edge of rogue plastic brick underfoot in a messy kid’s bedroom. Better still, it’s one that embraces the total creative freedom real LEGO affords like few games before it, with an incredible custom vehicle creation tool that’s just about worth the price of admission alone. The current inability to share those designs with others is disappointing – particularly in the shadow of another tedious microtransaction store – but LEGO 2K Drive is certainly the fastest and funniest way to rock out with your blocks out in recent memory."

LOTR: Gollum - Before You Buy


The Lord of the Rings: Gollum (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is an adventure game set in Middle Earth starring everyone's favorite little weirdo. How is it? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: 🤍 ▼ Buy Gollum? 🤍 Watch more 'Before You Buy': 🤍 #gollum

Star Trek: Resurgence Review


Star Trek: Resurgence reviewed by Will Borger on PC, also available on PlayStation and Xbox. Resurgence does an admirable job of capturing the spirit of Star Trek in a Telltale style game. The choices are almost never easy, but the lack of a morality system or any indication of what you’re “supposed” to do creates a sense of freedom to act how you imagine these characters would. #IGN #Gaming #StarTrek

IGN Doesn't Understand Postal 4: No Regerts! Their Review Is Straight Trash!


IGN uploaded a Postal 4: No Regerts Review and as per usual, it's truly terrible. From flat out dishonesty in regards to severely over blowing optimization issues to claiming the gunplay sucks, graphics suck and that the game's too "offensive" when they're blatantly false statements, IGN's Postal 4 Review is dishonest trash! Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 Intro (Postal 4 Review) 1:05 IGN's Postal 4 Review Is Almost On QUANTUM TV Levels Of Trash! 17:10 Outro (Postal 4: No Regerts Review)

Dead Island 2 Review


Dead Island 2 reviewed by Travis Northup on PlayStation 5 and PC. Also available on Xbox. Dead Island 2 is a hysterical Los Angeles-infused satire that does most things well enough, but feels like a stroll down the Walk of Fame of celebrated zombie games I’ve already played without adding many new ideas of its own. In fact, aside from the stellar comedy bits, I can think of very few things that Dead Island 2 does better than last year’s Dying Light 2. Still, if you’ve ever wanted to put your Wolverine claws straight through a zombie’s face or knock someone’s head off with a golf club, Dead Island 2’s got you. Its bloodsoaked melee combat and memorable characters are a lot of fun, especially when accompanied by friends in co-op multiplayer. The somewhat generic crafting weapons and upgrading your skills as you lay waste to armies of spray-tanned undead is entertaining enough on its own, but the strong writing and completely irreverent tone are the true stars of the show. #IGN #DeadIsland #Gaming

That Time IGN Copied My Dead Cells Review...


A large entertainment website copied my review for Dead Cells in 2018. This has been admitted to by the company and "writer", but now serves as a cautionary tale for anyone considering online plagiarism. FAN SUPPORT HELPS ME TO KEEP DOING WHAT I LOVE! ➦ 🤍 Follow me on Twitter for nonsensical posts about gaming: 🤍 Do not let this entire issue have any negative impact on Motion Twin. They made the awesome "roguevania" game DEAD CELLS! SUPPORT THEM! 🤍 Boomstick Gaming's original review can be found here: 🤍

Redfall Review


Redfall reviewed by Luke Reilly on Xbox Series X. Also available on PC. "Redfall is a bafflingly bad time across the board, whether playing solo or with a friend or three suffering alongside you. That it comes in the wake of Arkane’s excellent Deathloop, the enduringly beloved Prey, and the acclaimed Dishonored series honestly beggars belief. Its performance on Xbox Series X is regularly dire, plagued with pop-in, stutters, and a long list of display bugs. It’s beleaguered with bodgy AI enemies that struggle to mount a basic defence, choose appropriate cover, or even effectively navigate the world. The one-note mission design recycles and repurposes itself all the way until the anticlimactic final encounter. Button commands break, characters vanish, and the cheap and static story scenes seem woefully unfinished by typical standards. There may be occasional glimpses of a competent co-op shooter on display but otherwise, Redfall is just like a vampire in all the wrong ways. That is, it really wasn’t ready for daylight in this state, and it sucks."

How IGN Reviewed ALL Major Destiny Releases


IGN reviews of the Major Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 releases and Expansions. This was a pretty fun video to dive into how IGN reviewed the Destiny franchise releases over the years. Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 have seen a lot of changes through the years from Vanilla to Witch Queen... Support the Channel! 🤍 #destiny #destiny2 Second Non Destiny Channel: 🤍 Follow me on Twitch: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Join the Channel to get access to perks! 🤍 IGN REVIEWS Destiny 1: 🤍 Dark Below: 🤍 House of Wolves: 🤍 Taken King: 🤍 Rise of Iron: 🤍 Destiny 2: 🤍 Curse of Osiris: 🤍 Warmind: 🤍 Forsaken: 🤍 Shadowkeep: 🤍 Beyond Light: 🤍 Witch Queen: 🤍

Undawn x Will Smith - Official Cinematic Trailer


Undawn is an upcoming open-world survival RPG debuting a new legendary survivor to the game Trey Jones. Trey Jones is being played by Oscar-winning actor Will Smith. Trey will act as a guide to help other survivors navigate the world four years after a global disaster. In this new civilization, players will explore an expansive open world filled with diverse environments such as plains, mines, deserts, swamps, and abandoned cities, each with unique ecosystems and dangers. Check out the trailer to see the man in black in action. Undawn is launching on iOS, Android, and PC on June 15. #IGN #WillSmith #Gaming

Little Nightmares 2: A Review of IGN's Review


This one isn't your typical video that I would make! Usually, I'd just make a review on Little Nightmares 2 telling you all how great it is, but you already know that. Instead, I decided to spice things up and make a review for of, uh, one of the most esteemed gaming journalists of the industry, Tristan Ogilvie. Watch the video to find out more, hope you enjoy.

After Us Review


After Us reviewed by Gabriel Moss on PlayStation 5. Also available on PS4, Xbox, and PC. After Us is difficult to recommend for its platforming alone, though its nature-focused kitsch gives way to gorgeous visuals as you breathe life back into its post-apocalyptic world. Some of its levels left a grin on my face, whereas others had me begging for sweet release from the inconsistent controls and directionless world. At least there’s a silver lining in that its beautiful art direction and entrancing musical score make for some really cool sequences. And yet I can’t help but feel like After Us is too heavy-handed about its environmentalist themes for a video game that hardly characterizes its protagonist and has literally no dialogue. By the end, I felt like I’d have done less environmental damage had I simply chosen to skip it. #IGN #Gaming #AfterUs

Tears of the Kingdom: The Sidequests You Cannot Miss - NVC 662


Hello, and welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat Presents: Talk of the Kingdom! For the next 6 weeks, IGN's flagship Nintendo show, NVC, is getting a FULL Zelda takeover with our very special NVC: Talk of the Kingdom 6 episode mini-series! This week the Talk of the Kingdom crew goes into some of the best and most insane community creations from across the web! Whether it's a huge bigwheel to traverse Hyrule, or a giant mech capable of destroying anything its path, you'll see them here! Plus, Brendan Graeber joins us to fill us in on some of the most useful sidequests you shouldn't miss! He also goes on about his exploits in Korok kidnappings. This is yet another Nintendo Voice Chat episode you can't miss! 00:00:00 - Intro 00:20:49 - Sidequests You Should Not Miss 00:40:55 - The Wildest Community Creations 00:49:56 - Korok Torture: Yay or Nay? 01:02:19 - Peer's Amiibos & Outro #IGN #Gaming

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Review


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 reviewed by Joshua Yehl. Opens in theaters May 5, 2023. The Guardians of the Galaxy deliver their swan song in Vol. 3 and it’s a rockin’ good time. Through Rocket’s tragic origin story we’re given a new appreciation for this whole family of lovable malcontents. And even though the plot has a bit too much going on, some of the humor feels stale, and Adam Warlock was woefully underused, the cast’s incredible chemistry and James Gunn’s soulful style remain unlike anything else in the MCU, and this movie sends them out on an emotional and action-packed high note. #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol3 #Review

IGN Removes Dead Cells Review Due To Plagiarism Accusations


Boomstick Gaming's video: 🤍 IGN published a review for Dead Cells, but a side-by-side comparison with Boomstick Gaming's review shows that the writer apparently thought they could get away with changing some words around and passing off someone else's work as their own. IGN's had to take the review down, and we're left wondering how someone could be so foolish.

Warhammer 40K: Boltgun Review


Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun reviewed by Jon Bolding on PC. Also available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Boltgun impresses with Warhammer 40K chops and a fully realized vision of the famous franchise as a modern retro-shooter, light on story but heavy on action and nods to the tabletop game. The level design of its many fast-paced arena fights is enjoyable, but the momentum drags once the new weapon and enemy types run out about halfway through. Nonetheless, the quality's high enough that I never got bored – but I think someone who isn't hungry for a retro-shooter or any 40K game they can get their hands on might be a bit let down. #IGN #Gaming #Warhammer

Terrible Lord of the Rings Gollum - Review


Wait for Lord of the Rings Gollum - Asleep at the Sméagol 🕶 Welcome to what I hope is the best videogame review channel on youtube. Subscribe to ACG for video-game reviews, where Karak pays his own money even if the developers given him a code for the game. Previews on new games, top gaming news, funny and informative shorts and much more. 🤍 🤍 We also do the Best Gaming and Videogame Podcast each friday 🎧Itunes 🤍 🎧ACG Reviews and Podcast on Spotify 🤍 🕶 Karak with ACG or angrycentaurgaming, covers new games, old games, previews, reviews, and opinions on the videogame industry and leading podcasts on new gaming subjects each week that you can get by joining this channel to get access to perks: Gaming discord. 🕶 If you want to help out the channel you can buying a game on Epic use the ACG creator code KARAK-ACG 🕶 Karak and ACG's Gaming and News Webpage is locations at 🤍 and all his social links can be found here 🤍 Follow me on Twitter for reviews and info 🤍jeremypenter -JOIN the ACG Reddit 🤍 🤍 ACG Reviews and Podcast can be found at the following links 🎧Itunes 🤍 🎧ACG Reviews and Podcast on Spotify 🤍 🎩ACG Merch Store 🤍 🎩ACG Amazon Affiliate 🤍 Coverage includes ps4, PS5, XBox series X/s, Xbox one, pc, Switch, and digital storefronts like Steam, as well as companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Buy, wait for a sale, rent, or never touch it. The Patented Karak review system to see if a game is worth a buy upon release or if I recommend waiting.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage: 5 Major Details From the New Gameplay Trailer


The first gameplay trailer for Assassin’s Creed Mirage has finally emerged from the shadows, and it shows that Ubisoft’s upcoming historical murder sim is taking the series back to its roots. The trailer may only be just shy of two minutes long, but there’s plenty of details packed in there. Here’s the five major things that you need to know.

IGN's Sonic Unleashed Review is Awful


Full Video: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Second Channel: 🤍 Switch Friend Code: SW-1394-4522-8810 PSN: SonicFazbear067 Xbox Live: CousinsSF Wii Number: 5071 3890 8303 6228 Music Used: "The World Adventure (Piano Version)" from Sonic Unleashed #Sonic #SonicTheHedgehog #SonicFrontiers #SonicPrime #SonicUnleashed

Resident Evil 4 Remake Review


Resident Evil 4 reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on PlayStation 5. Also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC. "Whether you're a fan of the original or a newcomer with a hankering for some action-heavy horror of the highest quality, Resident Evil 4 is like a parasite-riddled Spaniard: a total no-brainer. Its combat is friction-free but no less stress-inducing thanks to its ferocious cast of creatures, its story rapidly shuttles through a series of action scenes that are diverse in structure but uniformly unwavering in intensity, and its world is rich in detail and full of fun and often snarling surprises. Its improvements over the original are too numerous to list, from simple quality of life changes to completely overhauled boss fight mechanics, and with the exception of the disappointingly diminished personality of the merchant, the team at Capcom has barely put a foot wrong. Whaddaya buying? Only the most relentlessly exciting Resident Evil adventure of all time that’s been rebuilt, refined, and realised to the full limits of its enormous potential. A wise choice, mate."

My Response To IGN's Review, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury | Target Acquired


#SuperMario #3DWorld #BowsersFury Sometimes you gotta love IGN for what they do, this is no hate towards the company just a disagreement with the person who played and reviewed it, nothing personal. Original video (unless it's taken down from them) 🤍 Link to all my social accounts to follow 🤍 My Gaming Reviews 🤍 STATiX J Podcast YouTube: 🤍 Anchor FM: 🤍 Apple Podcast: 🤍

The Outlast Trials Early Access Review


The Outlast Trials early access reviewed on PC by Travis Northup. The Outlast Trials is a unique cooperative horror game with a fantastic premise and some really memorable scenarios, but while the early access version proves the concept there’s a lot of work to be done to make those ideas pay off. Running around with friends as you hide from murderous killers and complete utterly insane (and sometimes too edgy for their own good) death games is paradoxically tense and hilarious, but the fact that the enemy AI is about as effective as a concrete parachute and two of the three levels share too much of the same DNA certainly leaves a lot of room to grow on. #IGN #Gaming

Was the PlayStation Showcase 2023 an S-Tier showing?


IGN's Max Scoville, Brian Altano, Jada Griffin, and Akeem Lawanson rate Sony's Showcase 2023. Referencing all the big reveals from the new Spider-Man 2 trailer, to PSVR 2 announcements, to Sony's new Q handheld, the PlayStation Beyond team gives their scores and impressions on the Sony livestream. Presented by Lenovo Legion.

Sony's First PlayStation Showcase in 2 Years Was a Mixed Bag - Next-Gen Console Watch


Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch, our show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. This week, Daemon Hatfield is joined by Ryan McCaffrey, host of IGN’s Xbox podcast, Podcast Unlocked, and Max Scoville, host of IGN's PlayStation podcast, Podcast Beyond. The topic: Sony's PlayStation Showcase 2023 - did it live up to the hype? And does it make us want to pick up a PSVR2? Plenty of games were shown, but not that many exclusive first-party titles, and Xbox was quick to point out that a dozen or more of the game swill also be coming to Series X and Series S. Plus we have last week's poll results, and a new poll for you to vote on. #IGN #Gaming #PlayStation

GPD Win 4 Review


The handheld gaming revolution has arrived for PC gamers, and there are more options than ever to choose from to get your gaming fix on the go. The GPD Win 4 makes for an especially interesting choice, with its PS Vita-like design and hidden slide-out keyboard. It feels more like a true pocket PC than any handheld we’ve tested so far, and is on the more affordable side at $799. #IGN #Gaming

Hogwarts Legacy Review


Hogwarts Legacy reviewed by Travis Northup on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. In nearly every way, Hogwarts Legacy is the Harry Potter RPG I’ve always wanted to play. Its open-world adventure captures all the excitement and wonder of the Wizarding World with its memorable new characters, challenging and nuanced combat, and a wonderfully executed Hogwarts student fantasy that kept me glued to my controller for dozens of hours. It’s certainly weighed down by technical issues, a lackluster main story, and some poor enemy variety, but even those couldn’t come close to breaking its enchanting spell over me. #HogwartsLegacy #HogwartsLegacyReview

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